A Magnificent Array

You may or may not know that Panoply means “a magnificent array”. The name was chosen for our business for obvious reasons. Designers strive to create beautiful surroundings for everyone to enjoy. While the average person, with little design interest or talent, might scoff at the notion, one can’t help but be happier when surrounded by a beautiful and functional space. This includes commercial spaces as well as residential.

 Studio Q Furniture and Artwork by McMillan 
Recently we were contacted by Outmed, LLC and Delta Community Credit Union to design the atrium area, elevator lobbies and corridors of their Newnan location. The building interior, a wonderful piece of architecture designed by Summer Wise and Associates, begged for color and comfort.
Our charge was to outfit the space with furniture, accent lighting, area rugs and fabulous artwork. Our partnership with the Flint Gallery of Panoply gave us the perfect resource to bring something truly unique to the space. Commissioned work by local artist McMillan, Georgie Dunn and Atlanta-based artist Jeff Surace now fill the space. Furnishings from Studio Q and David Edward provide guest seating and custom area rugs and plants bring warmth and comfort to the hard interior finishes. The look is completed by contemporary chandeliers over each seating area.
Studio Q Furniture and Artwork by McMillan
All of the artwork in the atrium area is original work including the fabulous grouping in the main elevator corridor. These pieces, a series of trees painted with gold and silver leaf and finished with a thick coat of lacquer, are stunning! McMillan, known internationally for his work, created the pieces on plywood boxes and installed them in a grid system that allows the viewer to see them individually from a close perspective and as a whole composition from farther away. The effect is spectacular!
It is a pleasure working with original artwork on any project. The collaboration between Panoply and the Flint Gallery is a true partnership that can bring solutions to many projects with varying degrees of budgets. Call us and we can discuss your project too!
Studio Q Furniture and Artwork by Jeff Surace

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