Accessories are the Finishing Touch Interior Design Newnan Georgia

Accessories are to interior design as they are to fashion, it is what gives the room or the outfit its finishing touch.  One never feels quite dressed and ready to face the day without their jewelry.  I stand at my jewelry box each morning to decide which necklace to wear and which pair of earrings to complete the look.  The same holds true for the finishing touches of a room.  You look at the colors, what you want to accent, whether you want subtle or flashy, big scale or small  and what proportions work with the overall design.  In this day and age, most people opp for simple but dramatic, a few accessories but accessories that make a statement on their own.  A spot of color here and there that connects the dots and calls attention not to itself but to the overall room.  I always think of colors in terms of a painting.  If you put a color in one area of a painting you continue its placement in other areas to draw the eye where you want it to go.  The same is true of a room.  Get the background placed, ie the furniture arranged in a pleasing and comfortable way and then punch it all up with the accessories.  Lamps, artwork, table top accessories, books and pillows placed strategically around the room.  Things you love and that give you pleasure just by looking at them.  But don’t overdo and always edit.  The room should show your personality and give off the vibe that makes your house your home.

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