Accolades Most Welcome for Panoply Interior Design

There’s an old joke, which goes, ”How many interior designers does it take to screw in a light bulb?”  The answer, “Two, one to do the screwing and one to say it looks great, fantastic job!”  Everyone loves to be appreicated and as  interior designers we are no different.  Designers sometimes intimidate people.   Some people think that a designer is going to tell them what to do and look down their nose at what has already been done.  There may be designers out there that do act that way but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Panoply Interior Design.  We value our clients and their opinions and our job is to help problem solve the room layout, furniture placement, color choices, window treatments or whatever is the issue that the client is having with their home.  Maybe instead of interior designers, we should be called problem solvers.  But at any rate, we as designers do appreciate and thrive on being given an Atta boy! for a job well done.   The name of our design firm is Panoply, which is a Greek word meaning a “magnificent array”.  But there is another meaning as well which is “a suit of armor”.  When customers ask me what Panoply means and how I chose that as the name of my business I have to laugh when I give them the second meaning because as you would imagine, designers also take a lot of rejection which comes with the territory.  A designer uses their best creativity when putting a project together and usually think they have nailed a job and are quite proud and attached to the creativity that went into it.  They may even have fallen in love with their design.  And then, boom, the client doesn’t like the design for whatever reason or perhaps it’s the very fabric or color that made it work for the designers that is the very element that the client objects to.  You want to cry but instead you brush yourself off and start the design process all over again.  Thank goodness this doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.  So when a project does come together and everyone is in love with it and the designer it is certainly gratifying.  Following are a few “Atta boys” from clients I have worked with recently.  So thank you for appreciating my work and letting me know.

“We want to thank you so very much for making our home comfortable, relaxing and exactly us.  We knew from the moment we met you that you would be great to work with.  When we stated this project we had trouble finding pictures of rooms we liked.  It is mindboggling that you took the color we liked and created beautiful rooms that are so us.  Love the carry through of butterflies and dragonflies.  Again, thank you so much for making our home beautiful.”


“Thanks again for another great job!!!  It is always a pleasure to work with you and comforting to have the faith and confidence in your talent to not worry about your selections, they are always on target.  Yesterday evening I was in the living room on a phone call and had the opportunity to look around the room, the art, accessories, painted book shelves and glimpse of the drapery in the breakfast area and all really work together and is a huge improvement.”


“ Last night was a glorious evening for this area of Georgia.  Congratulations on this beautiful feat of interior art.  The colors, textures and combinations were perfect for the Newnan Conference Centre.  I heard nothing but ooh’s and aah’s of compliments.  How proud you must be of your SUCCESS.”


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