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When selecting art for your home, whether it is original or a print, go with something that “speaks” to you.  Art is about personal taste not about whether the art matches your color scheme.  If you are not sure of your personal taste you can figure it out.  Look through magazines at rooms that appeal to you and start taking note of what type of art is featured in these rooms and to which you are drawn.  Think about your own space.  Although the art doesn’t need to match in color, there shouldn’t be a disconnect in style.  If the room is formal, you don’t want a barn wood frame on your painting. It would be better to go with something  with a gold or silver frame or at least something more refined.  It is refreshing to place contemporary art in a traditional setting however.  It gives the room a kick and something unexpected.

Once you have established what you like in art and what you don’t, you may need to wade into it by starting with prints, posters or photography.  Also don’t forget about emerging artist who have wonderful work but the price is still affordable.  Who knows, you may discover someone whose work with improve and go up in price and you can be proud you got in on the ground floor.

Some of my favorite art are pieces done by children.  When framed they are amazing.  Just don’t over-frame.  The frame shouldn’t cost significantly more than the art.  Set yourself a budget, educate yourself and before you know it you will be an art critic happily selecting and displaying what you love.

Just remember, whatever you select, make sure it makes you happy when you enter the room.  Shop from your heart no matter the price.

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