Atlanta Design Tip | A Little Bit Rustic with Modern

What is rustic?

The term ‘rustic’ usually has one of two effects when mentioned regarding interior design. Most people either love the idea or absolutely detest the notion of rustic elements in their home. To all you nay-sayers, fear  not! A rustic design or element does not have to include floor to ceiling wood paneling, cows in the backyard or even a wood burning stove in the kitchen.

Can rustic meet modern?

There is something to be gained by even the tiniest touch of rustic flare in even the most modern of spaces. Whether it is a salvaged stump as an end table, an oversized clock made out of barn wood above your sofa or a patina bird cage holding decorative soaps in the bathroom – a rustic touch brings any home a sense of establishment and history. There is something about the age and wear of a rustic accessories that makes a room more comfortable and welcoming. Old signs, random sized metal letters or even a handful of skeleton keys can add a distinguished bit of yester-year to your decor. You don’t have to go all out and fill your home with rusted soda pop memorabilia, unless of course, that is your “thing”. If so, maybe save those elements for the man cave or game room in your home!

Unsure how to mix and match?

If you are unsure how to mix the rustic with the modern or the old with the new, Panoply Interior Design is here to assist. We are Atlanta’s interior designers, offering the best in service on time and on budget. Our innovative designers are ready to assist. Contact us today.

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