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A few weeks ago, we talked about how different types of lighting can affect the mood or atmosphere in your dining room.  We showed you how to create a casual and romantic, formal, or modern look by using certain styles of lighting.  This week, let’s continue with how to further the look and feel in your dining room by using certain colors.

Color Psychology

Believe it or not, color psychology is a real thing! Basically, color psychology is all about how colors affect moods, feelings, and behaviors.  Understanding colors is an important aspect in the interior design business and we have it all figured out! Let’s look at a few different colors to see what it can do for your dining room.


The color white, in most cultures, represents purity and innocence – in fact, you may automatically think of wedding dresses when you think of white.  Some people use the color white in smaller rooms to create the illusion of a larger area, as the color white is bright and can create a sense of space. There are countless shades of white and each can be used to create a neutral sense in your dining area. White truly is neutral as it is the absence of color.


The color red is capable of evoking strong emotions such as excitement or of intensity.  A daring and bold color, red is commonly associated with love, comfort, and warmth – this is why you see a lot of red around the holidays and even on Valentine’s Day. It is also a color of energy.  Using the color red as a primary color in your dining room can create a modern, daring look that would get anyone’s heart beating a little faster.  If you want to draw attention to your dining room, red is the perfect color.


If you desire your dining room to have a sense of calm and serenity then blue would work perfectly.  Blue is associated with serenity, dependability, and focus.  If you think about some of our favorite pictures in nature, most are blue: blue skies or a blue ocean – blue has the power to take most to a calming and tranquil place.


A common color used in dining rooms, brown is most commonly associated with nature, stability, and strength.  Brown is a great color for formal dining rooms that want to emit a strong and stable feeling.

Every color has an emotion attached to it.  Of course, every person is different so you should think about what each color makes you feel before making a choice for your dining room.

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