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Will you be doing any traveling this summer? If so, check out these tips we found that are sure to help you relax while you are on your well-deserved summer vacation.



  1. Are you leaving pets behind? Be sure that to give the sitter or facility very detailed instructions on how to care for your pet, including quirks, favorite foods, toys, etc.
  2. Check your fridge for any food that will expire before you return from your trip. It’s never fun to return home after a relaxing vacation to find spoiled and rotten food in the fridge. Yuck!
  3. Wash and put away all laundry before you leave on your trip. You don’t want to come back home to full laundry hampers. Besides, you may have dirty items from the trip that needs to be laundered.
  4. Do a general clean throughout your home. Vacuum, sweep, mop, the whole nine yards. When you return, exhausted from the trip, you will be glad you did.
  5. Do you have plants that need to be watered? Find someone that you can trust to keep your plants watered in your leave of absence. Make a list of their locations and care instructions.
  6. A great tip is to leave a few, lights on while you are away to make the home appear occupied. Leaving lights on for a long period, however, can waste energy. So choose efficient light bulbs for the lamps that you leave on.
  7. Notify your security service or a neighbor that you trust that you will be out of town so that they can keep an eye out for any disturbances.
  8. Unplug all unnecessary appliances to avoid wasted energy. You should also turn your thermostat off or raise the set temperature. No sense in paying money to cool your home if you will not be there.
  9. If you will be gone for more then a few days, you can call your post office to have them hold your mail. This way, important pieces of mail will not be sitting in front of your home for days. It will also help to make your home appear occupied.
  10. Make your beds with fresh sheets for your return.
  11. Put out or plug in air fresheners for a clean, fresh home when you return.


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