Atlanta Interior Design | Hosting a football party this season?

Hosting a football party this season?

Here are a few tips from Panoply to get prepared for the party.

When you are getting ready for a football party you want to make sure you have the right décor for the occasion!  A few inexpensive ideas for a party are novelty light, wall décor like banners or your team’s flag, and your teams color pom poms.  Another decoration idea is the use of football or helmet shaped platters for finger foods as well as fun football inspired centerpieces.  You could even have fun using the display of you food as decoration too.  For example, bake football shaped cookies, make a dip dish look like a football field, or bake cupcakes with your team’s logo.  Use a green table cloth with black and white striped towels or napkins as accents to tie the whole serving table together.

You also need to make sure you have plenty of seating around the television so everyone will have a view of the game.  Arranging your seating to feel as if you are in a stadium could be a good addition too!  You could even move your television out on a patio for more of an “at the game” feel.  Moving the party outside also allows for grilling, throwing the football around before the game and during halftime, and more outdoor activities.

Have fun transforming the feel of your space into an at home tailgate and football stadium!

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