Bathroom as Spa for an Interior Design Treat

As master bathrooms have become larger, they have evolved into a highly prized sanctuary and mini-spa.  From monogrammed towels and lush, fluffy robes to elegant additions like marble soap dishes, today’s accessories reflect the individual style of the owner and create a soothing personal retreat.  People want their bathrooms to look nice and be decorated with the most current trends.  Even children’s bathrooms today will have the latest look and accessories.  Homeowners want everything from eco-friendly plush towels to designer brand soap dishes to add that extra touch.

 Younger clients are going for a more contemporary look, more sleek and uncluttered, versus the traditional look.  There’s much more to choose from than 10 years ago.  Now there are different price points so everybody can have the spa look.  It makes you feel good and you’re doing something for yourself. 

 Wallpapers, although thought by many to be very traditional, have also come a long way in giving you a more clean and fresh look with texture and very updated geometrics.  For sure there is something out there for all tastes and styles.  If you are looking for assistance in pulling your bathroom or any other room in your home together, give Panoply Interior Design a call.  We will listen to your vision and help you achieve the look of which you have been dreaming.

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