Pull up a Chair. Accent chairs can change a room.

Accent Chairs

When you want a quick and easy way to update the look of a room, or add some of the latest trends without the expense of completely overhauling it, there is one easy answer; accent chairs.  Whether adding a pop of color, a bit of whimsy or merely offering a reflection of … [Read more...]

Unleash your inner beast and roar with new animal motifs in design.


Whether they’re cute and cuddly or feathered and flying, animals are always a popular theme for home décor.  This year’s friends are more whimsical than ever, taking a step away from the animal-skin patterns that have been ubiquitous in recent years.  Now, the … [Read more...]



July 4th is upon us and it's a good time to take some time with family and friends and just enjoy the wonderment of summer and the beauty surrounding us.  Panoply Interior Design plans to take the week of June 30- July 6th as a vacation, or I should say staycation, as we … [Read more...]

Types of Wood Flooring Demystified


Of the many flooring choices in the market today, without a shadow of a doubt, wood is the more tricky to choose. Options, industry buzzwords and practical considerations often make the process awkward. In this guide we aim to explain your latest options.  Types Of Wood … [Read more...]

Choosing a Color Scheme

Monochromatic Scheme

When it comes to home furnishing trends, nothing is hotter than color.  From painted wood finishes to fabric selections for sofas, color plays a huge role in setting the tone.  Whether your're looking to infuse new life into a neutral space or you're ready to make a bold … [Read more...]

Historic Newnan Wine Event


Tomorrow night Main Street Newnan is sponsoring the annual Wined Up wine tasting.  There are 32 businesses participating, a record number, and so there are plenty of opportunities to indulge and find just the wine that you will want to buy and keep on hand.  Panoply is … [Read more...]

Embrace the Blues


Embrace the blues!  The vibrant hue of dazzling blue was the star of this spring’s 2014 Fashion Week, with over 25 designers showcasing the shade, including Fendi, Chloe, and Vera Wang.  Turquoise, sapphire, and ocean blues are showing up on everything from sleek vases … [Read more...]

Interior Design Trends Spring 2014


The next big trend may be a bust.  On the other hand, it could be an old may or a vase or a sculpture that looks like it belongs in the Parthenon.  That’s because things from the old days are finding new popularity.  Although if you thumb through most design magazines … [Read more...]

Creative design comes to Atlanta, Georgia in Concept Cars


Design comes in all shapes, sizes and products and it takes lots of imagination to come up with the ideas and then follows through on the process.  Sunday night my husband and I went to see an exhibit at The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia entitled “Dream Cars”, … [Read more...]

Panoply Interior Design provides artwork for Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center

Blog land of giants

Just completed a design project for Piedmont Newnan’s Cancer Wellness Center.  Panoply was brought in late on the project to help complete with the art.  The marching orders I received were to find art with a nature theme and for it to be bright and cheerful.  I went to … [Read more...]

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