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When it comes to interior design, it seems many people are faced with downsizing at some point in their lives.  When a family is moving from a larger home to a much smaller one it can be a daunting task to figure out what to keep and what to either sell or give away to … [Read more...]

Panoply Interior Design, Perks and wonderful clients!


It has been close to two months since my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I am happy to report he is doing great so far with his treatments.  In fact, he only has two more weeks of radiation and chemo left and then he’ll rest from all that for a month before … [Read more...]

Panoply Interior Design is thinking in Color


If you are thinking Fall and going into 2014 will be a diaphanous time, filled with intrinsic, reasoned curiosity, you would be right—at least according to Color Marketing and Sherwin Williams.  The paint and color experts made their annual color forecasts and the 38 key … [Read more...]

Panoply Interior Design, your lamp and accessories source


Panoply Interior Design is privileges to have relationships with wonderful lighting and art lines that we utilize when we are looking for certain items to flesh out a design for a client.  Depending on the project, our first order of business is to figure out the furniture … [Read more...]

Panoply Interior Design Priorities


The last three weeks have proved to be the most heart wrenching and difficult time of my life.  As many of you know on August 16th, my son was diagnosed with a mass on the right front lobe of his brain.  This was after several weeks of headaches that would not go away.  … [Read more...]

Panoply Interior Design participating in Newnan Georgia Art Walk


Panoply Interior Design will be participating in the Fall Art Walk on September 2oth along with other merchants in Historic Downtown Newnan.  We have decided to open our downstairs gallery to host "An Artist Collective".  Panoply will have an artist reception on September … [Read more...]

Accessories are the Finishing Touch Interior Design Newnan Georgia


Accessories are to interior design as they are to fashion, it is what gives the room or the outfit its finishing touch.  One never feels quite dressed and ready to face the day without their jewelry.  I stand at my jewelry box each morning to decide which necklace to wear … [Read more...]

Panoply Interior Design


They say the more things change the more they remain the same.  While looking through my picture gallery, I ran across this precious picture of my grand-daughter when she was maybe 3 or 4.  She will be twelve in September and it is sometime hard to remember when she was … [Read more...]

Inspiring Trip to Arizona Panoply Interior Design

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I am back from vacation and what a wonderful and amazing trip to Arizona.   A beautiful, very different place but not one where I would want to live.  You think its hot in Georgia, well Georgia has never seen 115 I don’t think.  What everyone says is that the heat is … [Read more...]

Panoply Interior Design will be closed for July 4th Holiday


Panoply Interior Design will be celebrating the July 4th holiday and will be closed from July 4th through July 16th.  We are heading to the Grand Canyon and all around the Arizona area to regroup and recharge our creative juices.   I know it will be hot as can be but … [Read more...]

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