Blue and white china remains a favorite in interior design

Blue and white china collections are quite effective when displayed en masse.

Blue and white is a classic color combination in design, and a grouping of blue and white china is a perennial favorite with collectors. From plates and platters to bowls, ginger jars, lamps and more, blue and white pieces come in many shapes and sizes and are easy to collect. Displaying them en masse is one easy way to focus attention on a collection.

One indicator of the enduring popularity of blue and white china is that on the interior design website, you can currently find more than 46,000 photos of blue and white china. There are blue and white china pieces in kitchen cabinets, blue and white china accents in a living room with a nautical theme, and blue and white china lamps and accessories in a bedroom.

If you’d like to see how some of today’s homeowners are using blue and white china in home design, click here.

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