Chevron pattern a trend in fabrics, wallpaper and more

A chevron is the name given to a V-shaped pattern, and an ongoing design trend is the chevron stripe pattern, a twist on the traditional stripe which some refer to as a “zig-zag” pattern. Chevron designs today can be found on fabrics, wallpaper and flooring, and walls are also being painted in lots of colorful and creative variations of the chevron stripe pattern.

The creative souls at Pinterest have shared lots of ideas for decorating with chevron stripes, painting this pattern on everything from dressers and staircase treads to the blades of a ceiling fan. Fabric and wallpaper manufacturers offer many options of this design as well. Above are some of the many chevron pattern fabrics in our design library at Panoply, and the stripe patterns come in a range of stripe sizes and colorways.

According to the Decoist architecture and interior design blog, the chevron pattern “is a fun way to breathe life into an otherwise quiet and unassuming room and can be infused in a number of ways. Best of all, it’s simple and easy to pull off.” If you’d like to see a gallery of interior designs incorporating the chevron pattern, click here.

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