Coffee tables add style, functionality to decor

A coffee table recently on display in our Knox Furniture showroom

Tables will always be popular pieces of furniture, and this rectangular coffee table with casters features a distressed finish that would go well in a variety of decors. Generally, a coffee table is considered to be any long, low style of table that is placed near a sofa or chairs and is designed to hold beverages, decorative objects and even food.

Historians say that coffee tables (sometimes called cocktail tables) date back to the late 18th century and the Victorian era, a time in which they were used, rather ironically, for serving tea. Today, coffee tables are used to add style to a decor and sometimes are even used as art, so they’re no longer just a place to plop a beverage — or your feet — although those certainly remain important coffee table functions.

Coffee tables come in a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, Lucite, stone, and some coffee tables are upholstered. Here are some tips for selecting a coffee table.

• A good classic size of coffee table is 48 x 24 inches. With a large seating area or an oversized sofa, you might consider using two coffee tables.

• A coffee table’s height should be approximately the same as that of the seating nearby.

• If you don’t want your coffee table to be the focus of the room, choose one with a glass top so it will blend in.

We have a variety of coffee tables in stock at Knox Furniture, so please feel free to stop by our showroom where we’ll be happy to share some of the latest coffee table styles with you!

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