Comfort Design recliners offer hand-tailored style, customization

Comfort is always a quality we expect in our home furnishings, and some new recliners we have at Knox and Panoply are from a company that’s all about comfort, Comfort Design. This elegantly tailored high leg reclining chair in Jade leather is 36 inches wide, 42 inches deep and 41 inches high.

The chair is customizable in many different leathers, and we have samples of these in our showrooms at Knox and Panoply. Those who prefer made-in-the-USA furniture will appreciate the fact that this chair is made exclusively by North Carolina artisans. Comfort Design is proud that their entire line of upholstery is hand crafted in North Carolina by experienced American artisans of US and import materials.

And at Comfort Design, environmental responsibility isn’t a trend, but it’s ingrained in the company’s philosophy. From their recycling program to their eco-friendly foam, they are committed to steadfast stewardship of the earth and its resources. Comfort Design recycles manufacturing waste, including leather and fabric scraps. They also recycle leftover foam and packaging materials. Their upholstery springs are crafted from recycled steel, and the fiberfill in arm and back pillows is derived from recycled materials.

If you’re interested in hand-tailored furnishings of high-caliber construction, stop by Knox and Panoply so we can tell you more about the Comfort Design line of furniture.

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