Creative design comes to Atlanta, Georgia in Concept Cars

Design comes in all shapes, sizes and products and it takes lots of imagination to come up with the ideas and then follows through on the process.  Sunday night my husband and I went to see an exhibit at The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia entitled “Dream Cars”, and boy was it ever someone’s dream or imagination.  Dream Cars showcases seventeen groundbreaking concept cars from the 1930s to the present, cars that were built one time but never produced for the market.  All of them definitely stretched the envelope as to what could be built at the time they were created.  They were all beautiful and very creative.  There was even one which was a Porsche that actually will be produced and sold and will appear on the market shortly after “Dream Cars” closes in September.  It was a wonderful sports car that costs no telling what, but will be offered as an electric and gasoline run vehicle.  Can you imagine a beautiful sports car that will fly down the road at break-neck speeds but that you can actually plug in to an electric current? 

 I recommend if you are into creative design or just love cars in particular that you race to the High and see these cars!  The exhibit runs through mid-September and is truly worth the trip.



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