Dealing with Clutter – Newnan, Georgia Interior Design Tips

It is the start of a new year and time to deal with all the paper, files and clutter that has accumulated during 2012.  What to do?  Most of us want to just put all of this stuff in a place out of sight and not deal with it at all.  Throw it in a box and put it in the basement or under the bed or anywhere that we don’t have to see it or participate in it’s sorting.  I am guilty of this and I bet you are too!  I have files that have been around since forever and I know that IRS could care less about them at this point in time,  but I can’t seem to make a move to rid myself of them.  And so now my basement is getting harder and harder to navigate.  It is fine when the door stays shut and I don’t go within a mile of that space.  But oh dear, now I have to put away the Christmas decorations and I barely have a path to get to the shelves.  So I am watching my email for when the City of Newnan has another one of their document shredding days.  Go to to stay plugged in to when the next one will happen, but in the meantime, get those boxes together and be ready.  There is nothing that makes one feel better than getting rid of accumulated stuff making room for the new coming in the door in 2013!


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