Decorative Lighting Atlanta, Georgia

When selecting decorative light fixtures, especially chandeliers, there are hundreds of beautiful choices and designs.  For many, that is the easy part.  Where it begins to get a little more complicated is determining the width of the fixture and the height.  Luckily there is a simple formula that works.  For the width or the diameter of the chandelier, measure the width of the room where it will hang in feet.  Then double the feet and in your mind turn that into inches.  For example, a room that is 10 feet wide x 12 feet long, take the width and double which makes it 20.  Okay that tells you the chandelier needs to be 20 inches in width.  Now for the length.  Of course this is determined by the height of your ceiling.   If you are to walk under it, it needs to be at least 7’5″ off the floor.  If you have an 8′ ceiling, your only recourse may be a flush mount or a semi-flush mount.  As far as chandeliers over a surface such as dining table or countertop, the rule is 30″-36″ from surface to bottom tip of the chandelier.  Now that you have that information in tow, check out or for a wide assortment of beautiful lighting fixtures or let Panoply Interior Design help you with your selections.

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