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When I start a design project in which I am deciding a color palette to go on new furnishings, I begin with finding that one fabric or painting that will set the color story.  No matter the budget, this fabric can be a gorgeous piece that cost a fortune.  It doesn’t matter because it is my inspiration, the thing that gets my creative juices going. It can go on a pillow or an ottoman or be replaced with a less expensive version once I have established the “look” I’m after.  Once I find that I am on my way.  I pull lots of fabrics many of which will not be used.  From there I look at the furniture floor plan and decide how many different fabrics I will need.  There is the sofa fabric, which for me is usually a solid with texture, then there are the chairs, the draperies and of course the pillows.  Other patterns that need to be selected are the area rug, and the wood tones of the case pieces.  Sometimes I am locked into an existing fabric and have to start with that.  In the case of the accompanying photo, I had to take into consideration the orange chairs, but that was it.  The client wanted to update the room and wanted it to accommodate several couples for entertaining purposes and she wanted something a little edgy.  I knew the client as I had worked with her many times before, in fact redoing the very room I had helped her with many years before.  It was a fun project and for me a satisfying one.  The client was pleased and so was I and it all started with one gorgeous fabric and the existing orange which just happens to be my favorite color.

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