Design Tips Newnan, Georgia

When designing a room, there are a few designs elements to consider that will make the project go more smoothly and have a nice outcome.  The primary one to consider is balance.  Basically, when you think about color, think about contrast.  If your walls are dark then light furniture will show up best.   To balance the furniture pieces such as upholstery and the sofa back is low, you will want to have a chair or two with a higher back.  The same holds true for case pieces.  You will want to add height either with a tall case piece such as a bookcase or display cabinet or add that height with a painting hung over a console or chest or with window treatments.   It is always a good idea to have at least three colors in a room, one or two big pieces of color and one accent.  Think about the big five in a room, the sofa, the window treatment, the chairs, the rug and of course the wall color.  Draw the eye into the room by placing the colors on these 5 elements and think of them all as a unified whole.  And don’t forget about those accessories; lamps, paintings, table top and last but certainly not least, your personal pieces that have meaning for you and gives the room your personality and makes it yours.

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