Designers predict color trends for 2015

Color samples from a mood board

Color is always a popular topic for those who enjoy decorating their homes, offices and other spaces. House Beautiful magazine recently asked some top designers to predict the design color trends of 2015, and you might be surprised at some of their choices.

New York designer Sara Story names Greek Blue (“the blue of the Mediterraneans, and the tops of the churches in Santorini”) as her color trend prediction for the coming year. She suggests pairing it with gray or pink. Speaking of gray, Los Angeles designer Jeff Andrews names gray as “the hottest neutral” today.

And believe it or not, those 1960s colors such as olive and orange were predicted as an upcoming color trend by Chicago designer Alexandra Kaehler, who says she has seen the colors given new life in runway shows for 2015. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to select new colors for a room’s design. If you find that’s the case, just call us here at Panoply Interior Design and we’ll help make the color selection process something you’ll actually enjoy. If you’d like to learn more about our design process, click here.

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