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Who doesn’t like breaking the rules every once in a while?  Here are some interior design rules that can be broken.

  1. Being “matchy-matchy.”  In a room use multiple patterns in the similar colors, but make sure not to use all busy patterns.
  2. Leaving the ceiling white.  The ceiling is a great way to bring color to a room.
  3. Not using dark colors in small spaces.  Dark colors can make a small space feel more intimate, but you do not want to use dark colors in spaces that need light, like a home office.
  4. Metal hardware has to match.  You can use the contrasting metal as an accent color in a room.
  5. A living room requires a sofa.  You can arrange your living room with lounge chairs arranged around a large cocktail table and leave the sofa out.
  6. You have to use small furniture in small spaces.  In actuality, choosing a few larger pieces for the room can make it feel larger, while having many small pieces can make it feel smaller.
  7. Mixing antiques with contemporary pieces is a no-no.  Mixing the two styles can actually bring a special feel to your space.
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