Driftwood and sea-inspired decor trending

As vacation season nears, it’s no surprise to see beach motifs popping up in home design and appearing on fabrics, wallpapers and especially accessories. Whether it’s aquamarine and turquoise glass vases or shell-themed artwork and mirrors, ocean-inspired pieces are always in style.

The home decor firm Two’s Company says that driftwood pieces are trending thanks to their soft colors, textures and natural shapes, which create a look that is relaxed and timeless. Driftwood can develop small splits and cracks over time, a natural characteristic of driftwood and one that means each piece is truly unique.

Two’s Company has incorporated driftwood into designs for mirrors and picture frames as well as iconic symbols of the sea such as anchors, seahorses and sailboats. On the home design website Houzz.com, homeowners have used driftwood for everything from fireplace mantels to bathroom mirrors and even headboards in the bedroom. For more sea-inspired decor, click here to visit a Pinterest board filled with the colors and textures of the sea.

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