Europe2You home accents now available at Knox and Panoply

Vintage bread bowl from Europe2You

Home accents are a great gift at any time of year, but they’re especially wonderful pieces for Christmas gift giving. So while you’re browsing the new furniture selections we offer at Knox and Panoply this year, you’ll want to check out our growing selection of accent pieces as well, such as this vintage bread bowl from Europe2You.

Europe2You was founded by the husband-and-wife team of Joseph and Stacy Borocz, and the company has headquarters in Atlanta and Budapest. Their company is propelled by their passion for Europe’s rich history and timeless designs and captures the spirit of the quintessential European lifestyle by transforming its utilitarian objects into treasured accents for the modern home. Each piece in their carefully curated collection comprises either iconic originals or vintage inspired recreations for the home and garden. Through Europe2You, you’ll find some of their favorite discoveries, whether it is 100-year-old hand-hewn, found bread bowls or authentic seedling pots from the United Kingdom complete with the subtle patina of moss.

This company prides itself on ensuring that their vintage inspired recreations are true to their sustainable roots. Each piece of wood in their collection is reclaimed or recycled from 19th century buildings. Every piece of glass displays its handblown nature and characteristic imperfections. Each time they travel to Europe, they are captivated by its many charms: the welcoming people, the beautiful surroundings, the long leisurely meals, and how there seems to be a story to tell in even the simplest of objects. Their hope is that each piece in their collection stirs within the customer fond memories of life as it should be enjoyed—surrounded by friends, family and all that they love. To see some of the latest pieces from Europe2You, stop by the Knox and Panoply showrooms today!

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