Fabricut Introduces French General Fabrics Interior Design Atlanta, Georgia

Fabricut has recently introduced a new line of soft faded French inspired fabrics into their Spring line.  There are three books and they are all beautiful and reasonably priced.  The color titles of the three are Bisque, Bleu and Rouge.  They are all printed on washed linen with a beautiful soft hand.  Included in the books are florals, plaids, solids, embroideries and stripes.  According to our wonderful Fabricut rep, John Piontek, the fabrics were introduced by a designer who made many trips to France and collected vintage French fabrics until the fabrics had taken over her garage and something had to be done.  Well, as the story goes she marketed the fabrics or at least their looks to Fabricut for many years and finally the inquiries landed on the right person’s desk and viola, a fabric line was born.  It is truly a beautiful line of fabrics and if you haven’t seen it, then stop by Panoply Interior Design and we will show it to you.  If you are thinking of redoing a room and love the fresh soft looks of wahed linens, then you really need to check this out.

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