Flip Top Dining Table a great solution for small-space decorating

Flip Top Dining Table and Renton Side Chairs from Furniture Classics

Small-space decorating is a hot topic in the design world. Consumers are choosing smaller spaces for a variety of reasons. Some, especially older homeowners, want a smaller residence that requires less upkeep. For younger homeowners, small-space living is sometimes an economic or lifestyle choice, as evidenced by the “tiny house movement,” with homes as small as 100-400 square feet appealing to more and more people. A home that small wouldn’t be right for everyone, but smaller, scaled-down homes and apartments do continue to be popular today. Whatever the reasons for choosing a small space as one’s living environment, it’s important to choose versatile pieces of furniture that provide both value and versatility, such as the Flip Top Dining Table from Furniture Classics.

With trumpet-shaped legs and a curved stretcher base support, this clever flip top table has pull-out supports. When folded, it can be used as a desk, and when fully extended, it can be used as a dining table. The mahogany base is painted cream and glazed to add the patina of age. The spruce top is finished with a clear coat.

At Knox and Panoply, we have paired this table with two Renton Side Chairs. Quietly elegant in the style of King Louis XVI, these solid oak chairs feature rattan backs and neutral upholstered seats. Delicate floral carvings and reeded detailing provide gentle design flourishes. Available in black and driftwood finishes, these chairs are at home with the Flip Top Dining Table—or with any table. So if you have a small space that needs some design help, stop by Knox and Panoply and we’ll be happy to pull together some furnishings that will work for your space.

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