Funiture Manufacturing Coming Home!

Henry Ford said this about the model T: “People can have the Model T in any color…as long as it’s black.”  Today based on the ongoing interest in domestically made furniture, consumers seem to prefer their furniture in all styles and colors as long as it is red, white and blue!

The most recent evidence of this escalating desire for domestic furniture was seen at the Las Vegas furniture market which featured a Made in the USA pavilion.  Las Vegas took their cue from the fall High Point Furniture market that devoted 16,000 square feet to the All American Furniture Expo.  Vaughan-Basser recently opened an $8 million expansion in Galax, Virginia set to boost its manufacturing capacity by 50% and add about 115 furniture manufacturing jobs.  Meanwhile, In Stanleytown, Virginia, Stanley Furniture, which invested $4.2 million last year on new machinery and equipment, said that it will invest an additional $4 million this year to enhance their North Carolina Manufacturing facility.

In my business I have also seen a groundswell of requests for furniture made in the good ole US of A.  Recently, a client said to me, I only want American Made period.  Since Panoply has manufacturing accounts with Stanley, Hickory Chair, Charleston Forge and Sherrill Furniture just to name a few it was easy for us to accommodate this request.  We are thrilled that we are seeing traction in this Made in American sentiment and it’s really good to see some furniture making coming home.

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