“Green is Gold” in today’s lighting world

This custom lighting was part of our design plan for the Newnan Conference Center.

Lighting accessories are going green, and the trade magazine enLIGHTenment says that “Green is Gold” today. According to an article in the magazine’s October 2014 issue, energy efficient lighting is becoming more important in today’s lighting market, and “consumers who would ordinarily not replace a task lamp, recessed light, or other type of lighting fixture for a number of years will now do so to achieve cost savings.”

Designers are now supporting this trend, producing new lighting designs that are aesthetically pleasing as well as energy-efficient.

Here are some findings from the enLIGHTenment article:

• Global demand for all energy sources is forecast to grow by 57 percent over the next 25 years

• U.S. demand for all types of energy is expected to increase by 31 percent within 25 years

• Electricity demand in the U.S. will grow by at least 40 percent by 2032

As consumers strive to remain stylish and energy-efficient, look for more lighting manufacturers to introduce products that keep these features in mind.

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