Grey is the new go-to neutral in interior design

Grey fabrics from Schumacher

When you hear the term “neutral color,” many people think of black and white or perhaps earth tones such as beige and ivory. Today, however, grey is considered a neutral as well. Schumacher and Co., the family-owned style firm founded in 1889, says, “We’re in love with all of the soft and nuanced shades of grey.” From charcoal and dove to silver, smoke, and slate, there’s a grey to suit every taste.

From fabrics, wallcoverings, and trim to furniture, Schumacher is offering products in a wide array of greys. In fabrics, their Colette pattern in Charcoal is a classic design from their Country Chic Collection, a 75 percent linen, 25 percent silk fabric. From their Palazzo Collection of fabrics, Siena Toile is a pewter-colored toile pattern that is 100 percent linen.

Earlier this year, Jennifer Ott wrote on, “You may have noticed that grey is everywhere these days when it comes to home design and decor. Just about every product and material supplier I talk with is rushing to bring more grey products to the market.” And in a recent feature on House Beautiful’s website, writer Karen Ziga noted that with shades ranging from silver and fieldstone to fog, grey rooms “have a sophisticated style that’s anything but lackluster.” If you’d like to incorporate the grey trend into your home’s furnishings, stop by Knox and Panoply and we’ll be happy to show you some of the terrific grey fabrics, wallpapers, and furnishings available today!

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