HGTV’s Vern Yip creates fabrics, trimmings for Trend

HGTV’s Vern Yip designed a playroom for his children using fabrics from his new collection for Trend.

Interior designer Vern Yip of HGTV has created a wonderful new line of fabrics and trimmings for Trend, and he recently made a video for the company in which he discusses his design philosophy. Like so many interior designers, Vern always thinks about his customers and believes their lives are likely similar to his—he’s busy and has kids, and he wants a room to be both beautiful and practical.

Vern wanted his children to have a playroom that would have some design inspiration, and the one he created has a beautiful layered look. “One of my favorite things has really been layering the patterns. I like things in a very graphic, clean way,” he says. As a designer, Vern says he always tries to envision how his work will apply to a client “in the real world,” not just visually but functionally as well.

His collection for Trend includes four separate books of patterns and two books of solids he believes can be used in anyone’s home. He’s especially pleased with the blues in the collection. “Blues are notoriously difficult to layer on top of each other, so you have to do it skillfully, and that’s built into the (collection) book,” he says. To watch the video and see the playroom Vern designed for his children, click here.

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