Historic Newnan Wine Event

Tomorrow night Main Street Newnan is sponsoring the annual Wined Up wine tasting.  There are 32 businesses participating, a record number, and so there are plenty of opportunities to indulge and find just the wine that you will want to buy and keep on hand.  Panoply is serving Rodney Strong 2012 Charlotte’s Home Sauvignon Blanc.  Rodney Strong is a vineyard in Northern Sonoma County, California.  According to their website, Rod Strong established their heritage Sauvignon Blanc vineyard in 1971, naming it Charlotte’s Home in honor of his wife. 

The 2012 vintage started off warm and dry, with little to no frost.  By mid-summer winemakers were beginning to whisper about how perfect the growing season was going.  Rain-free warm days and cool nights were the rule, with no storms or heat spikes.  Their positive energy grew even more when they finally started picking the fruit, beginnning on August 27th, a full sixteen days earlier than the year before.  They finished picking the last of the Sauvignon Blance on September 28th under ideal conditions. 

We first tried this Sauvignon Blanc at a wine tasting at “Rays on the River” and really thought it was one of the best white wines we had tried in a while, so we decided to track it down and serve it for the Newnan Main Street wine tasting.  I am sure you will like it as well so please come by and sample. It sells in the wine department at both Kroger and Publix’s so it isn’t difficult to find, although we ordered ours from the winery in California.  Although the weather sounds threatening tomorrow night, it should still be a great event and, afterall, the wine should keep you in a fine mood in spite of the weather.  come join us!


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