Houzz survey reveals trends in kitchen design

A kitchen design by Panoply

Increasingly, kitchens are serving as the heart of the home, a place not only to cook and prepare food but also to gather with family and friends, entertain and even watch television. Houzz recently conducted its annual survey on kitchen trends and found that more than one third of those responding say they are finally able to update their kitchen.

Here are some findings from the Houzz survey on kitchen trends:

• Some 25 percent of respondents are remodeling kitchens more than 30 years old, and 41 percent are remodeling kitchens 16-30 years old.

• The key reasons cited for wanting a kitchen update often are about making the kitchen more compatible with a family’s lifestyle. These reasons include making it easy to store and find things (cited by 65 percent of those responding), making it easy to entertain in the kitchen (46 percent), and making it easy for the entire family to be together (37 percent).

• Custom storage solutions are among the updates most frequently mentioned by respondents, who seek such features as pull-out shelves (62 percent), a utensil drawer (55 percent), a cookie sheet drawer (46 percent) and a spice drawer (40 percent).

• Four out of five respondents hired or plan to hire a professional for their kitchen remodel. Professionals were sought in the areas of construction (76 percent), design (46 percent) and construction management (39 percent).

If you’d like to read more about the kitchen trends survey, click here.

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