How politics and iPhones will influence interior design in 2016

Did you know that politics and the iPhone are among the factors influencing interior design this year? Mark Knight, Director of Design for RM Coco Decor Ltd., notes that a presidential election year plays an important role in how we see design and color now and into the next year as well. “In the psychology of color,” Knight says, “election years are thought to be the cleaning of the slate no matter what political affiliation you have. It is seen as a time of renewed energy, optimism and the promise of exciting times to come.”

What design trends does Knight see for 2016?

• Noting that Pantone for the first time chose two “Colors of the Year” this year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, Knight says that most color forecasting groups agree with Pantone that pastels “will come to the forefront in 2016. These soft colorations take on fresh, contemporary feeling when paired with sophisticated burnished metals and textures.”

• White and off-white will continue to dominate this year, Knight says. “White is very hot right now in home decor and paint. Several major names in the paint industry surprised us in 2016 by naming white and off-white colors as their color of the year, but the trend had been quietly simmering under the surface for a while. The popularity of white kitchens helped fuel this trend, and the rise in renters who are often unable to paint their walls helped too.”

• In metals, Knight says black metals are expected to be in the spotlight this year, no longer just relegated to outdoor furniture and bedframes. Also, he says we can look for black metals in the year’s fashionable new kitchens.

• Technology is literally shaping our design choices today, according to Knight. “It is predicted that we will fall in love with rounded furniture in 2016. Blame it on our love of the iPhone, the iPad and almost anything else Apple makes! Softened radial and bullnose edges add a sensuality and sexiness to pieces.”

• Traditional trimming is expected to make a comeback this year. The overembellished look has fallen out of favor in recent years, but Knight says that “old-world ornamentation” will be back in style. “Look for brocades, tapestries, and Georgian and Empire antiques. Fringe, cording and tassels will be used to soften the austerity of modern upholstery.”

To learn more about the trends we’re seeing in design today, stop by Knox and Panoply, and we’ll be glad to share more information.

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