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I am back from vacation and what a wonderful and amazing trip to Arizona.   A beautiful, very different place but not one where I would want to live.  You think its hot in Georgia, well Georgia has never seen 115 I don’t think.  What everyone says is that the heat is different with no humidity, but that’s crazy.  Hot is hot and I begin to appreciate humidity before we got home.  The heat in Arizona just dries you out and sucks every little bit of moisture right out of you.

We saw some amazing sites starting in Tucson with the Sonora Desert Museum and then to Phoenix where we visited the Music Museum.  If you ever have a chance to go it is truly wonderful. 

From Phoenix we went to Sedona and then on to the Grand Canyon.  We took the train into the canyon and stayed overnight at the Maswik Hotel.  We had several meals at the El Tovar and on our first evening there we were surprised by the elk that came to graze on the lawn.  There were to many to count and two with racks that were 5-6 feet across.  We also saw condors that were ugly but beautiful at the same time…is that possible?  At any rate, a majestic bird with a wing spread of 10’.  It looked pretty small up in the sky or down in the canyon until it came swooping up and was right overhead.

Because of my love of historic building, my favorite part of the trip was our stay at the La Posada Hotel in Winslow.  Our first morning there we sat in the garden by a fountain and had our coffee.  The hotel was designed by Mary Colter and opened in 1929, not the best timing.  It was turned into offices for the railroad in the 60’s and in the 90’s purchased by a preservationist from California who has done an outstanding job of bringing it back to its original grandeur.  I would go back in a heartbeat.

My husband’s favorite part of the trip was going up on the Mesas where the Hopi live.  We were blessed to see the Kachina’s dance their “Home dance”.  I have always been interested in the Hopi and started a collection of Kachinas back in the 80’s.  We were fortunate to actually purchase a few new ones from the Indians themselves and were told about the motifs and their significance. 

We saw ruins all over the Flagstaff area and hiked many trails to see them up close and personal and we even made the trek to the lava tube cave and yes, we went down into it.  Hard on the knees so wouldn’t necessarily recommend but it was pretty awesome to turn off the flashlight and experience absolute darkness.

If anyone plans on making a trip out west, I did a lot of pre-planning and have all my notes and directions.  Just let me know.

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