Interior Design Finale’ Newnan Convention Center

Interior Design finishing touches are being done on the Newnan Convention Center in anticipation of the opening and ribbon cutting on June 20th at 10 in the morning.  The furniture arrived on Monday and has been installed and all that is left now is the artwork which should arrive and be installed today.  Last week was spent overcoming the bumps in the road such as the wrong carpet being sent for the board/brides room, the wrong countertop being installed in both the men and women’s room and the fact that the chandeliers and the sconces won’t make the grand opening since they are still on a slow boat coming from across the water.  But inspite of these glitches, things are looking fabulous.  The feature wall that Panoply designed with the copper reveals looks awesome and is finished except for the addition of a custom painting by Newnan’s own David Boyd.  The tile pattern in the entrance foyer looks great also and altogether create a very welcoming atmosphere.  Pictured are the leaves that we spent a day installing in the ceiling of the entrance foyer.  When the track lights above shine on the leaves, they turn iridescent and glow from within.  They look like they are floating above your head and I can’t wait to see them at night.   To give you an idea of the scale of the entrance, the leaves are 7′x4′ and there are 5 of them.  We could have actually used more but very happy with the end result.  The light fixtures in the pre-function area are pretty neat as well and when the chandeliers for the ballroom finally arrive and are installed they will truly be the finishing touch.  Please plan to come see the finished product on June 20th and let me know what you think.

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