Stanley Furniture’s Crestaire interprets mid-century modern


When we were at High Point for market earlier this fall, one of the new lines we enjoyed seeing was Crestaire for Stanley Furniture. This living room recreation features their Autry Round Cocktail Table, foreground, and the Milo Round Lamp Table, background. Inspired by … [Read more...]

Southern furniture, emerging art are collectible now

The recent 25th anniversary issue of Traditional Home magazine shared "25 Tastemaker Tips" about what to collect for the next 25 years.

One of the shelter magazines we enjoy reading is Traditional Home, which recently published its 25th anniversary issue. In it, 25 influential design professionals shared their thoughts on what is worth collecting over the next 25 years. In furniture, the tastemakers … [Read more...]

Upgrade a shower to add value to your home

Colorful tile is featured in this shower we designed for one of our residential clients at Panoply Interior Design.

Upgrading a shower is one way to add value to your home while also indulging in some personal pampering. One of the new ideas in shower design is to include alcoves or built-in storage areas for soaps, shampoos and other toiletries. This could also be a useful feature in a … [Read more...]

“Green is Gold” in today’s lighting world

This custom lighting was part of our design plan for the Newnan Conference Center.

Lighting accessories are going green, and the trade magazine enLIGHTenment says that “Green is Gold” today. According to an article in the magazine’s October 2014 issue, energy efficient lighting is becoming more important in today’s lighting market, and “consumers … [Read more...]

The sofa: one piece of furniture people won’t buy online

A sofa is one purchase many consumers simply aren't willing to make online, according to a recent survey.

    Thanks to the Internet there’s hardly anything a consumer can’t buy online today, but according to a recent survey commissioned by Furniture/Today magazine and the online site Apartment Therapy, there’s one piece of furniture that many consumers … [Read more...]

Embrace the Blues


Embrace the blues!  The vibrant hue of dazzling blue was the star of this spring’s 2014 Fashion Week, with over 25 designers showcasing the shade, including Fendi, Chloe, and Vera Wang.  Turquoise, sapphire, and ocean blues are showing up on everything from sleek vases … [Read more...]

Creative design comes to Atlanta, Georgia in Concept Cars


Design comes in all shapes, sizes and products and it takes lots of imagination to come up with the ideas and then follows through on the process.  Sunday night my husband and I went to see an exhibit at The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia entitled “Dream Cars”, … [Read more...]


Bridges Final Product 002

When it comes to interior design, it seems many people are faced with downsizing at some point in their lives.  When a family is moving from a larger home to a much smaller one it can be a daunting task to figure out what to keep and what to either sell or give away to … [Read more...]

Panoply Interior Design, Perks and wonderful clients!


It has been close to two months since my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I am happy to report he is doing great so far with his treatments.  In fact, he only has two more weeks of radiation and chemo left and then he’ll rest from all that for a month before … [Read more...]

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