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Interior Designers need inspiration from time to time and my favorite place to look is in “House Beautiful Magazine”.  I have probably been a subscriber to the magazine for 25 years or more.  It has great tips and photos of wonderful rooms and focuses on color a lot.   At the moment I am in the thinking stages of  redoing my kitchen, so at night while the TV trones away, I am flipping through my copies of “House Beautiful” to get inspired.  I have been tearing out any photos that appeal to me for any reason be in color, a leg on a cabinet, the arrangement, the appliances or whatever strikes me at that moment.  I will compile a folder of all these interesting pieces and then sit down and begin drawing the kitchen up on CAD and creating the space I want even if it is just on paper.  Figuring out how to pay for it will come later, right now I am just dreaming.  When I meet wit a client I always suggest that they do the same; go through their favorite design magazines and create folders of what they like.  It helps me get inside their head so to speak, and gives me a better understanding of their perferences.  It’s a fun exercise and if a husband and wife do it together, they find out all sorts of interesting things about themselves.  So when I want to get the creative juices going this is what I do.  Houzz.Com is another great inspiration source as is  But I do suggest that while you are in the planning stages of any project, give yourself the luxury of doing a little dreaming.  It’s fun and relaxing and the ideas really begin to flow.

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