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How do you update a room on a tight budget?  The answer of course is paint the room with a different color that still works with your upholstery and the other fabrics that you already have in the room to give you a change and to freshen the overall feel of the room.   A wonderful way to really give the room  a kick and give it that bright splash of color that you have been wanting to use, is to paint the back and side walls of the interior of a bookcase.  It is amazing what this will do to brighten the space.

I helped a client with an update on a new home they had purchased in Atlanta and they were considering tearing out the bookcases that flanked the fireplace.  This would have been an expensive endeavor and since there was a lot to be done I felt that money could be  better used in other ways.  I suggested that they paint the bookcases a more pleasing color that went with the new planned decor.  At this point the bookcases were stained a yellow pine color that was already in abundance through out the house  in the flooring and trim.   We selected a more neutral color for the outside of the bookcase to kill the orange glow of all that pine and then we took the accent color out of the throw pillows and lamps and painted the back and side walls of the interior of the bookcase.  As you can see from the picture it really popped and made a huge difference with little expense involved.  Try it on your next re-do and let me know what you think.

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