Interior Design Trends Spring 2014

The next big trend may be a bust.  On the other hand, it could be an old may or a vase or a sculpture that looks like it belongs in the Parthenon.  That’s because things from the old days are finding new popularity.  Although if you thumb through most design magazines you certainly see a more streamlined look and a more contemporary feel, accessories are seemingly inspired by ancient Rome and Greece and items that look like artifacts are feeling right at home in these contemporary environments.

 “Right now we are seeing classics merge with transitional looks for a clean and refined traditional look”, explains Georgina Weddell of In-Detail.  “People seek the comfort and connection to their past, and this adds an individually collected feel to a home.  It’s a whole new take on traditional.”

 Lamps are using gold liners on shades to make a room glow.  Greek key motifs are popping up in fabrics and wall-coverings and being integrated into rugs and pillows and upholstery of furniture.  This trend is coming on strong and probably will not fade away anytime soon.  It marries the richer accent colors and stronger textile statements with rich velvets, attention to trims and embellishments.

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