It’s Christmas Time! – Atlanta Interior Design







It’s that time of year!  Here are a few fun ideas to consider when decorating your house for Christmas:

  1. Use all the Christmas cards people send as decoration.  You can display them multiple ways, but having them hung on a string like garland is a creative way to share them.
  2. When deciding what door decoration to use, consider using a present wreath instead of the traditional green wreath with a red bow.
  3. Candles make great table decorations as well as bring the aroma of Christmas time your home.
  4. Instead of just hanging a sprig of mistletoe, create a ball of mistletoe for a more polished look.
  5. Using fruit and greenery is a great way to incorporate color as well as nature into you decorations.  You can integrate these items into your table decorations, into glass vases that you put on your mantle, or as coffee table décor.
  6. Fill vases or baskets with extra ornaments and place around the house for added décor.
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