Jax and Bones: Stylish bedding for your dogs

One of our Jax and Bones dog beds

To many of us, our dogs aren’t just animals but true members of the family. For that reason, it’s no surprise that many homeowners have started thinking about the family dog, or dogs, when designing and decorating their home. In our showrooms here at Knox Furniture in Newnan, we now carry the Made-in-the-USA Jax and Bones line of luxury bedding to make sure that your dogs, too, can live in style.

Jax and Bones founder Tina Nguyen of California started the company in 2004, and the company’s name was inspired by her dog, Jax the beagle. “With much heart, I set out to create a business that would allow me to take Jax to work and cater to his two basic needs: sleep and play. My beloved Jax continues to be my true inspiration to create durable, high quality pet products,” Nguyen says.

The “Lounge” style of bedding, above, is Jax and Bones’s most popular style. Designed like a sofa, the lounge bed comes with bolstered sides and a center pillow that are 100 percent removable for easy maintenance. Jax and Bones’s premium fabrics are the highest-quality home decor and upholstery fabrics on the market. They rate high in durability and hold up well in both everyday and long-term use. Cotton blends, Crypton (a stain, spill and mold resistant fabric), and faux leather styles are all available. If you and your dogs would enjoy some of these stylish new designs, please stop by our showrooms to see some of the Jax and Bones bedding for yourself.

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