Kitchen and bath hardware can be the “jewelry” of the room

Hardware samples from Top Knobs

Selecting the design for a new kitchen or bath can be a great experience, and a particularly fun element of this process is choosing new hardware. While such fixtures may seem like a minor part of the design, they can actually add a lot of style to the room. In fact, some see these pieces as “jewelry” that adds a polished, finished look to a room’s design.

One of the lines we carry is Top Knobs fine decorative hardware. Their designer-driven collections offer both trendy and traditional looks, and new designs are being added on a regular basis. Here are some tips for selecting knobs and pull handles from Top Knobs.

Match or replace the hinges

If your cabinets have hinges that show from the outside, you will probably want to select knobs and pulls that match the color and style of the hinges. It’s also possible that your hinges have tarnished over time. Many of the knobs from Top Knobs are available in finishes that may match these tarnished hinges. Or you can replace the hinges as well. (Hinges are usually available at hardware stores. Take one of yours into the store to get an exact match on the size.)

For pull handles, measure the center-to-center distance between the two screw holes

If you are replacing a pull handle with a 3-inch center-to-center measurement between the screw holes, you will probably want to select new handles that also have a 3-inch center-to-center measurement (not the overall length of the pull; measure from screw hole to screw hole).

Double-check the clearance

If you have cabinet doors that open from the center, with the knobs from each cabinet right next to the other, measure the distance between the knobs. If you choose too large a knob, they may either touch or be very close together, which may not be the look you want.

We have many samples from Top Knobs on display at Panoply Interior Design and would be happy to help you make a selection. Just give us a call at 770-251-4557 if you’d like to make an appointment.

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