Kravet fabrics announces partnership with Pantone

Sand Dollar and Oasis fabrics from the new Kravet and Pantone collection (photo courtesy of Kravet)

There’s some exciting news from Kravet fabrics, one of the lines we carry at Panoply Interior Design. An industry leader in custom fabrics and home furnishings, Kravet has just announced it has partnered with Pantone to provide harmonized color stories using Pantone colors. Pantone is globally known for its Pantone Matching System, which is used in industries ranging from printing to paint, fabric and plastics.

The new Kravet and Pantone collection consists of a series of eight color-coordinated pattern books. Each of the fabrics in this collection has been chosen to pair with a range of Pantone colors, so selecting beautiful custom fabrics for the home has never been easier. The new color combinations include:

• Gravel and Surf — The sound of crashing waves and the sight of swirling water in blues and greens juxtaposes with the dry, dusty texture of gravel, offered up in a range of perfect greys and tans.

• Sand Dollar and Oasis — Verdant and lush, palm fronds in a desert oasis offer the perfect complement to the warm ivory hues inspired by a bleached sand dollar.

• Boulder and Pompeii — Tumultuous and earthy, these pairings evoke the eternal, serene beauty of stone and clay. Deeply connected to the earth, these color combinations feature sunset pinks, clay oranges and reds, and a range of versatile stone hues.

• Fossil and Riviera — The calming feel of cool stone on skin and a warm ocean breeze inspired this seaside color pairing. Cool greys and pinkish ivories add depth to a range of ocean blues.

To see an online brochure featuring this new line of fabrics from Kravet, click here. And if you’d like to order fabrics or learn more about this new line, feel free to make an appointment or stop by our new space at Knox Furniture, 75 Greenville St., Newnan.

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