Lilly Pulitzer fabrics add colorful Palm Beach style

A child’s bedroom we designed features Lilly Pulitzer fabrics.

Lilly Pulitzer is a name synonymous with Palm Beach style and bright, colorful prints. The story goes that Lilly, a rebellious socialite, had a local juice stand but had the problem of constantly getting juice stains on her dresses. Her solution was to camouflage the stains by wearing colorful, wildly patterned sleeveless shifts designed by her dressmaker. Women loved Lilly’s dresses even more than they loved her juice, and a new business was born. Even Lilly’s former classmate, Jackie Kennedy, liked the dresses and wore one in a Life Magazine feature. Lilly Pulitzer became a fashion star, and although the founder herself is no longer with us, her colorful Lilly Pulitzer fabrics remain popular today.

Lee Jofa, one of the fabric lines we carry, is now offering the Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa licensed collection of home interior fabrics and trimmings. These fabrics feature the prints and patterns Lilly fans have adored for decades.

One thing not all Lilly fans know is that each hand-drawn Lilly Pulitzer pattern has the word “Lilly” hidden within the pattern. To see examples of this clever detail, click here. And to see some examples of Lilly Pulitzer prints that are being used in home decor today, click on Lee Jofa’s digital brochure here. If you’re interested in decorating a room with Lilly Pulitzer custom fabrics, give us a call at Panoply Interior Design and we’ll be glad to help bring some Palm Beach style to your home.


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