Magnolia Fabrics offering new script-style fabrics

Samples of script-style patterns from Magnolia Fabrics in our resource library

One of the popular fabric trends of recent years is the use of vintage script as a design motif. Styled like the penmanship of yesteryear, these old-fashioned script designs are showing up on their own as well as in combination with other vintage designs such as postal marks, birds and flowers. You may find these fabrics and designs referred to as “French script,” “document script” and “old script.” Quite a few companies have created such fabrics, including Magnolia Fabrics, one of the lines we carry at Panoply Interior Design.

Earlier this year, Magnolia Fabrics introduced a new script-style fabric available in colorways including Paris Black, Paris Shoreline, Paris Dove and Paris Wheat. This polyester/linen blend is a 54-inch upholstery fabric with a horizontal repeat of 13.5 inches and a vertical repeat of 27 inches. The selvage matches at 53 inches. If you’re a fan of script-style fabrics, Brissac Acorn and Epistle Ink are two more vintage script patterns available from Magnolia Fabrics.

If you would like some help selecting script-style fabrics or furnishings for your home, give us a call at Panoply or come see us at Knox Furniture in Newnan. With so many options available on our showroom floor as well as in our resource library, we can easily help you find the perfect pieces to give your home the look you love.

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