Making a room feel Classically Great. Peachtree City, GA Interior Design – Panoply Interior Design | Newnan, Peachtree City

Traditional curves, tailored upholstery, muted color scheme, symmetrical arrangement, all of these go into making a room feel classical if that is your style.  It also makes decorating easier by narrowing the range of options.  This doesn’t mean you should buy a room in a box because you certainly don’t want the room to look premade and impersonal.  You can keep the main elements in a classic style and then veer a bit from your aesthetic with things like art and decorative objects.  Before you buy anything, scan your home for items you may already have that fit the look you’re going after.  Putting together a beautiful space is less mysterious than you may think.  If you are feeling intimidated by the whole process, a good way to get your head wrapped around decorating that room is to go to your favorite shelter magazine and begin to make note of what you like.  And of course you can always call Panoply Interior Design.  We would love to help you figure it out.

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