Mirrored furnishings add shine and sophistication

Marlowe Chest from Stein World

Homeowners know that mirrors add sophistication and shine to a space. On walls, a well-placed mirror provides a great way to get a last-minute check of yourself before heading out the door, so mirrors are useful as well as beautiful. Designers know that mirrors can solve a number of design challenges, such as visually enlarging a space and amplifying the light in a room. Today, mirrored finishes on furniture are similarly being used to add a dash of style and elegance to homes.

Among the mirrored furnishings we’ve featured recently at Knox and Panoply is this mirrored Marlowe Chest from Stein World. This two-drawer chest has a handpainted slate-gray finish. The antique mirrored glass drawer panels feature a center circle design, and the piece has chrome finish knobs and tapered legs. The chest measures 46 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 34 inches tall.

While mirrored furniture has become a trend in recent years, mirrrored furniture was actually popular during the Art Deco period of the twenties, thirties and forties. Just as it was back then, mirrored furniture today can be a focal point that adds pizzazz to an entire room, and the right piece of mirrored furniture can be a great investment that will last for years to come. If you’d like to learn more about Stein World and other companies that make mirrored furniture today, stop by Knox and Panoply and we’ll be glad to show you more of the options currently available.

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