Modern colors and finishes are popular with today’s seniors

As the population ages, design trends for seniors are starting to get more attention. Last year, J+J Flooring Group held their second annual Senior Living Design Symposium, and a recent issue of Interiors and Sources magazine noted four design trends identified from the symposium.

Contemporary and Transitional Interiors. More modern colors and finishes are being used in today’s senior living communities. Why? Because younger Baby Boomers are helping their parents choose new places to live, and these younger consumers are driving their parents’ design choices.

The HGTV Effect. Home improvement TV programs, as well as social media sites such as Pinterest, have led many seniors to expect more customization options to make a space feel more like their own.

Naturally Neutral. Interiors and Sources magazine says that “tinted neutrals and classic shades of ivory” are on the rise with seniors. Warmer shades of gray are being seen as well. The magazine notes that “the aging eye responds better to warmer colors.”

Senior Living Model Evolution. Seniors today are leading more active lifestyles, and that, too, has meant an evolution of the senior living model. Creative design and planning are necessary for these seniors’ homes, and there is also talk of adapting seniors’ homes so they can “age in place” today.

If you would like more information on today’s design trends and some assistance in choosing furniture, fabrics, wallcoverings and more, give us a call at Knox and Panoply and we’ll be happy to help you.

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