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Do you have any wallpaper scraps leftover from a recent home renovation? If so, don’t throw them away! We have discovered a few wonderful ways to put these ‘scraps’ to use around the house for a great, new look!

Have you ever tried your hand at decoupage? Decoupage is simply the technique of decorating the surface of an object with paper cut outs. You know where we are going with this, right? Decoupage with leftover wallpaper! We love the idea of using leftover wallpaper on tabletops.  Maybe you have a table that isn’t looking quite as “fresh” as it used to.  Simply cut the wallpaper to fit the top of the table, paint the top of the table with decoupage glue (you can find at any hobby or craft store), stick the wallpaper on, and coat with several layers of decoupage glue.  You will probably want to finish the top by spraying on a clear sealant. And Voila! A brand-new table at minimum cost.

Do you have a plain, wood headboard that you have been wondering how to ‘jazz’ up?  Use that leftover wallpaper! Just cut the wallpaper to size and attach it according to it’s regular, manufacturer instructions. It’s so easy, anyone can do it! In no time at all, and with no added cost, you can have an original, unique, and brilliant headboard.

Take the same general idea to other furniture in your house.  Do you have a dresser that is boring, or looking a little ‘used’? Give it a fresh coat of paint or stain and attach cut to size pieces of wallpaper to the front of the dresser drawers and doors.  You could also attach wallpaper to the backs of open cabinets or to cabinet doors for a fresh, new look.

As you can see, the options are practically limitless. So next time you decide to use wallpaper, make sure you hang on to those scraps. They can come in handy!

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