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Newnan Holiday Interior DesignThe trick-or-treaters are almost here. That means, of course, that homeowners and business owners are readying to create festive and luxurious interiors to welcome customers, clients and guests. If you are among them, look no further than Panoply Interior Design to elevate your spaces from ordinary to extraordinary.

What’s on trend this year? The classics are making a comeback, but in a fresh way. Many homes and businesses are going “green” and we don’t mean Christmas green! We mean eco-friendly, using decorations sourced from nature, reflecting sustainable practices found in nature. Here are few ways to create a luxurious holiday feel with less environmental impact:

1) Consider the tree: If you are opting for a live tree, consider sourcing organic trees or trees grown with replanting in mind. That’s right! Once the holiday is over, you can take your tree and plant it outside. If you are opting for a fake tree, consider a vintage version (all the rage) or one from a thrift store.

2) Use what nature provides: Once you have a design in place, begin sourcing materials from your yard and surrounding areas. Making a live wreath from woodland products is a great family project and is quite elegant, too. Consider decorating with fresh nuts and berries, to bring the outdoors into your home.

3) Be light-efficient: LED lights might cost more, but you don’t have to change them for a very long time!

Creating a stunning and yet eco-friendly decor is achievable. If you’d like help designing that luxurious look, let us know.


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