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Spring is officially here!  Spring is the ideal time to do some deep cleaning and organizing – commonly referred to as ‘spring-cleaning’.  It’s not always fun, but starting the season off with a home that has been scrubbed, organized and freshened leaves more time for other fun, spring activities like picnics, a day at the park or grilling out with family and friends.  To help you get a jump on spring-cleaning, we have compiled just a few quick and easy cleaning tasks to freshen and clean your home for the spring season.


  1. Dusting: It’s time to take dusting to the next level! Remember, spring-cleaning is about those rarely touched places in the home. You should dust areas such as picture frames, knick-knacks, books and bookshelves, air vents, lamps and lampshades and anywhere else in your home that may be accumulating dust and dirt.
  2. Washing: Now is a great time to pull down all of your curtains and have them washed. While they are down, clean your windows and window sills.  Another place in the home that could use some soap and water is the ceiling fan blades.  Fans tend to accumulate a lot dust and if they are not cleaned, that dust will be distributed throughout the home when being used.  Be careful, though, that the dirt does not fall onto your carpet – it can stain the floor.  You should also take this time to wash throw rugs, carpets, baseboards and cabinets.
  3. Vacuuming: For a good spring-clean – pull back the furniture away from the walls and vacuum where you don’t normally go.  Use the attachments and get into all the nooks and crannies that may typically get skipped over in the regular cleaning routine. If you opted not to wash your drapes, rugs and carpets – vacuum both sides of these items to remove as much dust and dirt as possible.


We hope that these spring-cleaning tips will prove useful to you this season!  If you complete the few tasks listed we know you will see, smell and feel a difference in your home. The air will be cleaner and the atmosphere fresher. We also want to invite you to come by our Facebook page and share your spring-cleaning tips and secrets with our online community.  What tips do you have for making spring-cleaning a breeze?

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